ODAKENT is an R&D company that provides services in the field of "Infrastructure and Environmental Management" of the "Smart City" technology to meet the increasing need for qualified urban planning and management. Odakent is developing “institutional” Smart Map-based technology solutions and products which includes Turkey's own experiences, more over it also makes a lot of effort for training qualified personnel.

Odakent was established in 2010 in ITU Arı Technopolis, Istanbul, Turkey and still serves at the same location.

Odakent develops map-supported geographic information, monitoring and analysis system applications related to the geographic inventory and management of the existing infrastructure required by the utilities like Water and Sewerage Administrations, Natural Gas, Electricity and Telecom companies.

Odakent continues to develop its products under the registered trademarks of ODAGIS+, ODAPLAN+, ODAWEB+.

The company carries forward its works on infrastructure / environmental planning, management and software development with its highly qualified personnel with long years of private sector, public and academic experience.

ODAKENT solutions and products continue to provide uninterrupted and successful service to millions of people in many infrastructure organizations at home and abroad.




- Natural Gas, Electricity, Telecom, Water and Sewerage Infrastructure Geographical Information Systems design and applications

- Design and implementation of Environmental Information and Monitoring Systems

- "Smart City" Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Management Systems

- Software development for need-specific "Geographic Information System" applications and modules

- Preparation of Integrated Infrastructure Master Plans

- Designing of Potable Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and Stream systems

- Hydraulic and Water Quality Modeling and Simulations of Drinking Water, Wastewater, Stormwater and other infrastructure systems

- Development of Integrated Planning, Project, Modeling and Simulation Software

- Production and management of Institutional Research and Development Projects

- Corporate quality control and standard development studies

- Creating results-oriented Institutional Coordination Centers

- Putting expert trainers and multimedia supported e-learning systems into service

- Institutional Capacity Building

Meet our Executive Team

Company team

Prof.Dr. Ali Fuat Aydın

Chairman of the Board

At the same time, he is a faculty member of ITU. Urban Infrastructure and Environmental Planning subjects fall into his area of expertise.

Company team

Dr. Deniz Aydın

General Manager

He worked as a coordinator in national and international projects in public and private sector in the field of GIS and Infrastructure Planning / Design.

Company team

Olcay Ebcin


He worked as a GIS Branch Manager in public sector and as a chief software developer in national and international GIS projects in private sector.

Company team

Orhan C. Göktaş

Manager of the Planning & Design Department

He worked as a Planning and Project Branch Manager in public sector and as a project coordinator in national and international infrastructure projects in private sector. 

Our Expert Developer Team

Company team

Mustafa Uçar

Geomatic Engineer

He works in GIS Desktop software development projects.

Company team

Yusuf Yılmaz

Computer Engineer

He works in ERP Web and GIS Desktop software development projects.

Company team

Berkay Oruç

Geomatic Engineer

He works in GIS Desktop software development projects.

Company team

Burkan Öztürk

Computer Engineer

ERP Web/Mobil yazılım geliştirme çalışmalarında görev yapmaktadır.