High Performance and High Security Guide Map Solution

Guide Map fully integrated with corporate GIS

ODAGIS+ Atlas prefers an open-source, in-memory data store used as a database, cache, flow engine and message broker over traditional SQL databases. This allows for faster and simpler access to data. Its memory-based structure optimizes instant data access, while its caching capabilities increase the performance of the application. In short, we offer our customers a high speed, performance and secure solution.

Guide Map service on the GIS Web Portal

We offer you a 1st class modular GIS Web portal infrastructure, not just a Guide map. The components of the portal are given below:

1.Website Builder: A basic module for building and customizing your website. It offers drag-and-drop tools and customizable templates.

2.Website Forum: Allows you to add a forum to increase community or customer interaction. It allows users to share their ideas and participate in discussions.

3.Website Blog: Helps you create blog posts and do content marketing. It provides a tool for you to edit and publish your articles.

4.Website Live Chat: If you want to re-add this module according to users' needs, it offers live chat support. It can be used to improve customer service.

5.Website CRM: It is used to manage customer relations. Useful for tracking customer information, viewing contact history and creating offers.

6.Website Events: You can use it to promote your events and manage attendees. If you want to organize or participate in an event, this module will do the trick.

7.Website Survey: You can use it to collect users' opinions and get feedback by creating surveys and surveys. It can help you improve your products and services.

8.Website Subscriptions: Allows users to subscribe to newsletters or updates. This can help users stay connected to your site.

9.Website SEO: You can use this module to improve search engine optimization (SEO). It offers SEO focused features like page titles, meta descriptions, URL structures.

These modules can help you interact more effectively with your users on the GIS Web portal and strengthen your customer relationships. We can customize these modules depending on your needs and business needs.