Spatial Asset Management System


All your assets are under your control..

With spatial asset and maintenance management, spatially gather all the fixtures and equipment of your company under a single roof, manage your maintenance activities, and take your costs under control.


Increase your productivity and ROI

Spatial Asset Management is a GIS-based software that manages all processes of a fixture until it enters the corporate inventory and is scrapped under a single system. The purpose of this system is to optimize the economic life of equipment, buildings, facilities, machinery and all corporate inventory throughout their life cycles, increase their productive working times and reduce their operational costs.

Experience the comfort of digital inventory

SAMS enables all data associated with your assets to be stored in the computer environment. When purchased, when maintained, frequency of failures, parts used, efficiency, etc. You can monitor their status by seeing your assets spatially and getting information by clicking on them. Otherwise, these will have to be searched in Excel, Word files.